AX-00 Custom Engineered to Order System

AX-00 Custom Engineered to Order System



Six Pneumatic Screwdrivers and Two High Capacity Screw Feeders.

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Increase Efficiency while Decreasing Floor Layout and Manpower.



Two 3-Way, 3-Liter Vibratory Bowls Feeding Six Fiam MCY11A Fixtured Inline Nutrunners.



Material Handling.



Transform a large footprint, multi-person, multi-process assembly into a multi-driver system that could assemble 4 styles of the same family of product quickly and repeatably.



This product was initially assembled by hand at four different workstations. Each of the four technicians was able to assemble approximately (500) frames per day for a total of (2000) frames per day. ASG developed a custom system that utilized six high-torque, pneumatic drivers which were installed on movable carriages; supported by a heavy-duty steel frame to accommodate all four styles of product. The six drivers were fed by two 3-liter high capacity vibratory bowls. The system produces a completed part every 12 seconds – that’s over 2000 parts per shift with only one operator. Changing from one product type to another is as simple as pushing a button on the HMI and sliding the drivers into the proper position. The system’s program is expandable; meaning that with a couple of parameter uploads, the customer will be able to add products to the system’s functionality making it ASG’s most versatile system to date.

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