AX-30 Turntable System



Eight Spindle Multiple on Cartesian Robot with Turntable.

Customer Request


Increase Production from 1M to 4M Fasteners per Year.



Eight Fiam MCSE8A Fixtured Inline Nutrunners.



General Industry/Assembly.



Build a machine to fabricate an industrial assembly with the following critical requirements: Less than 30 second cycle time to fasten (16) nuts to a torque of 60



The existing process was to hand build the assemblies which resulted in quality issues like missing or under torqued nuts, ergonomic concerns in overuse injuries, and very lengthy cycle times. The solution for these concerns was a custom AX-30 system. This particular AX-30 system utilized a 4-position indexing table with eight pneumatic nut drivers mounted to a Cartesian robot. The open design of the system allowed for operators to load components from three of the four stations; the 4th station robotically completing the fastening of the nuts to the assembly. Not only did the system achieve a highly repeatable torque, but it was able to decrease the cycle time from 90 seconds to less than 30 seconds! The result was that this customer gained more than three times the production that it had previously. Also, because hand drivers were no longer being used, the ergonomic concerns disappeared.

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