SCARA, is the acronym for Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm. It was a robot developed to be compliant in the X,Y, Z axis. The SCARA is a 4 -axis robot with motion in the X, Y, Z axis, and a rotational motion in the Z axis. The SCARA has high accuracy and speed, is extremely reliable, and has a compact design. SCARA’s are best suited for pick and place applications, and screw driving.

Six Axis Robot are articulating robots that basically mimics a human arm. They allow movement to any point within the working envelope (reach of robot). The six axis consist of 1 rotation at base, 2 forward and back, 3 raise and lower, 4 upper arm rotation, 5 wrist movement up and down, 6 wrist rotation. The advantage of a six axis robot is the ability to align and work in different planes.

A Cartesian Robot is an industrial robot and is considered to be a linear type robot. It moves in straight lines on three axis, X – Y and Z. The axis are at right angle to each other. The movement is controlled via motors and some type of linear actuator. The robot’s movement is limited to the framework, or lengths of the axis. The cartesian is known for high accuracy and high payloads. Cartesian robots can also be called Gantry robots. The Cartesian is the simplest of all robots. Typical applications for a Cartesian robot are CNC and 3D printing.

A collaborative is a robot designed to work in direct contact with a human within a defined area or space. This allows the human to work within the robot’s working area without the need for safety equipment. This is in direct contrast to working with industrial robots that need safety fencing or safety equipment. A humancan work alongside a collaborative, whereas a humancannot enter into an industrial robot’s work area or space while it is performing its automation or duties. Collaboratives in general are more easily programmable as they can learn on the job while an industrial robot is preprogrammed to perform its tasks.

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